NHPW Series- Anti Hazing Hero Panel

NHPW Series- Anti Hazing Hero Panel

September 27, 2012 2PM EST

Price: $50


This webinar is a panel of student heroes who have taken action to combat hazing during their school careers.  The moderated discussion will allow them to talk about the role students can play in hazing prevention, explain the specific steps they took in their communities, and share their suggestions for how other students can challenge hazing traditions in their organizations.

Learning Outcomes:

Faculty, staff, students, and volunteers are invited to join us for this “Anti-Hazing Hero Panel.”  It will empower participants to:

1.        Create a plan to combat hazing in their environment.

2.       Identify their allies in the fight against hazing.

3.       Hear the success stories of peers who have experienced and fought hazing.

4.       Challenge their community to feel responsible for acting when behaviors or incidents are not aligned with community values.


Chad Ellsworth, University of Minnesota, panel moderator and Student Panel 


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