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  • HPO on ESPN
    ESPN's show Outside the Lines, interviewed Executive Director of HazingPrevention.Org, Tracy Maxwell, about the hazing incident at FAMU. Drum major Robert Champion was killed in a hazing incident in late November 2011.
  • Good Morning America Clip about HS Cheerleading Hazing
    A Fall 2008 incident among HS Cheerleaders in Katy, TX and video of some other HS hazing incidents of past years.
  • HAZE The Movie
    This movie, produced by the GORDIE Foundation, is an excellent educational resource about hazing and alcohol abuse. You can watch the entire film online here.
  • UT - Austin Jack Phourmmarath
    On this site is an excellent video about the consequences of hazing. It can be shown and used as an educational tool with discussion afterward. Click on the Educational Video link in the bottom left-hand of the screen.
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