Mission, Vision & Values


Our Mission

To empower people to prevent hazing 

Our Vision

By developing our own programs and harnessing external resources, HazingPrevention.Org will diminish society’s tolerance of hazing and inspire everyone’s belief in their own ability to prevent and stand up to hazing.

Our Values

Human Dignity

We believe in the unequivocal value of human life and the basic dignity each person should enjoy.


We offer our own efforts while supporting and encouraging the efforts of others to eradicate the occurrence of these ultimate acts of disrespect.

Collaboration & Partnership

We bring our strengths to the table with other like-minded individuals and organizations to collaborate on finding successful strategies for hazing prevention.


We gather disparate resources focused on hazing prevention and intervention and assemble them in way that makes them accessible to all who seek them.


We pledge to educate people about all aspects of hazing and to support the efforts of other individuals and organizations which also seek to invalidate the traditions of hazing and debunk its myths through knowledge.

Fostering & Mentoring

We foster ideas and mentor individuals and organizations in their efforts to clarify the definition of hazing, to change the minds of those who actively or passively accept it, to elicit action to stop it and in doing so, positively impact human life.


We seek justice for those who have fallen victim to hazing by supporting policies, regulations and laws designed to prohibit hazing and appropriate punishment of those who perpetrate it.

Science & Research

We support the efforts of others in the research of hazing and the science of its prevention.

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